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Scratch Golf Closing At End Of Year

Citing tough economic conditions, Scratch Golf is closing at the end of the year, according to owner Greg Lumsden.

The last day of operation for the store will be Dec. 29.

“I think we’ve got a very tough golf economy, combined with an overall tough economy,” Lumsden said. “So we’re going to close down and sit on the sidelines for a while.”

Taking it more as a reflection of the times, Lumsden said when the business opened in 2009, while the economy was still in the throes of the Great Recession, they thought climate for business would have improved by now.

“Since the recession hit, golf has been really hit hard,” he said. When we started the business two and a half years years ago, we expected things to be different than they have been -- we thought things would’ve improved by now.”

However, with the jobless rate still much higher than usual and many businesses still struggling, there’s just less disposable income for luxuries such as golf, Lumsden said.

“We’re still open and there’s still a lot of time for training through the end of December,” Lumsden said. “And we have some items available with discounts.”

He added that their instructors are local and will still be available for lessons after the center closes.

“Both Karen Walker and Justin Doyle of our staff will remain in the SCV, and we hope (the community) will consider them for lessons in the future,” Lumsden said.

Anyone interested in seeking lessons may contact the instructors through the center’s website, at, Lumsden said.